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TECA : Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association

Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association (“TECA”) was established by international major recording companies, namely BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner Music and Thai recording, together with entertainment companies since November 2002. TECA is a non-profit organization and a national group of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (“IFPI”) who represents 8,000 members from over 70 countries globally. Its mission is to support the value of sound recordings. More information: https://www.ifpi.org/

Role & Responsibilities

The success of the entertainment industry is relied on at the ability of investment, development and creativity. To protect members, who are the right owner of sound recordings for a fair remuneration, TECA has a mission to support also protect the music and sound recording industry.

  • Coordinate with the government agencies and private sectors locally and internationally about laws and policies in order to promote and to reduce barriers to members.
  • Anti-piracy: prevent, protect and suppression, especially music copyright piracy. TECA shall cooperate with government agencies for efficient protection legislations and measures.
  • Search and develop for the effective technologies to develop the music and sound recording industry, particularly in the digital era.
  • Provide news and information about the music and sound recording industry, including relevant analysis and statistic around the globe e.g., sale revenue, number of infringements, market value, which are Global Music Report (GMR), Charts & Certificates, and research for the music and sound recording industry development e.g. Music Cities.
  • Create a network to exchange data and knowledges
  • Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association: TECA is a sole assigned organization in Thailand who issue the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) for sound recordings.
  • Promote and educate about the knowledges of intellectual property including to cooperating with the government agencies and private sectors in relation to the intellectual property activities.
  • -Coordinate with the sound recording collective management organization, Phonorights (Thailand) Ltd. “PNR”” ( Phonorights (Thailand) Ltd. “PNR” )

Contact Association

  • Panuwat Rungsrithong

  • PHONE:

    +662 203 1002 Ext 405

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