Frequently asked questions

Using music in business venues require 2 licenses:

  1. Communicate to the public (playing music/sound recording) authorized the use in business venues.
  2. Music/sound recording used in the business venues need to be legal CD. In case of digital files, the reproduction license for use in business venue for commercial purpose is requireFor more information, please contact Phonorights “PNR” e-mail: Musicdelivery@teca.co.th

The reproduction is copying music file in computer/ system, mobile or any device for playing in the business venue for commercial purpose. 

Certainly, you can. The reproduction license is authorizing you to reproduce/ copy music files in computer/ system, mobile or device for playing (communicate to the public) in the business venues. The Music Delivery Services is PNR’ s service for providing to music to users. There are 3 types of PNR Music Delivery Services (MDS): files, CDs, and boxes (PNR MDS Box). The users can choose the most convenient format for their business. The music file format is the most popular because it’ s fast and convenient.  

The two companies administer different rights. MPC manages the license for communicate to public, while Phonorights “PNR” manages the license of reproduction for the communication to public. Therefore, the payment needs to be made separately according to the responsibilities and accounting system. In practice, this process will not be complicated since both organizations always cooperate to facilitate their music users.

- Reproduction Right means copying, imitation, duplication, from the original or copy, whether in whole or in part e.g. duplicating/copying a music file onto computer, mobile phone, or any devices to play music for business in venues. For more information or license, please contact Phonorights (Thailand) Ltd. “PNR” at Ms.Anchallikaa Tel : 063-963-9966 , email: anchalikaa.pnr@gmail.com or Mr.Natdanai Tel : 096-856-4961 , email : byte.pnr@gmail.com
- Communication to Public/Public Performance Right means making the music available to the public by any means such as radio, television, business venue (e.g., restaurant, store, shopping mall, airline, hotel, hospital, fitness, bowing, pub/bar, karaoke, salon, spa, theater etc. For more information or license, please contact MPC Music Ltd. at Ms. Pattama (Nuy) Tel. 02-069-2313 Ex 106 email: pattama@mpcmusic.co.th

There are 2 cases

1) If blue light is shown on the PNR MDS Box .

1.1 Pressing the increase volume button on a remote control came with PNR MDS Box .
Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/16tnR40v1qufnVjuKVXC225fvsC88I3kP/view?usp=sharing 

1.2 If it does not work, please restart the PNR MDS Box  by pressing a Power (red) button on the remote control of PNR MDS Box until the blue light is shown.
Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/16m9Oc8ZtrAZnUYma0btmlIrfOj3A3w-P/view?usp=sharing  

1.3 If it’ s still not working after both steps in 1.1 and 1.2, please kindly contact PNR MDS CRM via e-mail: sornsak@teca.co.th , musicdelivery@teca.co.th or call 089-920-5228 , 02-2031002

2) In case PNR MDS Box has the red light on, restart the PNR MDS Box by pressing Power button on the remote control of PNR MDS Box. If the red light is still on, please kindly contact PNR MDS CRM via e-mail: sornsak@teca.co.th , musicdelivery@teca.co.th or call 089-920-5228 , 02-2031002

It may due to the loose wire. Please follow the following steps

1. Check if the power plug is firmly in the socket. And all the wire is connected to the back of PNR MDS Box and the screen. 

2. Pressing the Output button on the remote control of PNR MDS Box until the screen monitor is turned on to adjust the screen size.

3. If it’ s still not working after following the 1st and 2nd step, please kindly contact PNR MDS CRM via e-mail: sornsak@teca.co.th , musicdelivery@teca.co.th or call  089-920-5228 , 02-2031002

No, 3 organizations work together by managing each different rights separately.
- Sound recording: Phonorights “PNR” manages the reproduction right and the right to communicate to public.
- Musical work: MCT manages the right to communicate to public.
- Sound Recording + musical work: MPC was appointed to act on behalf of Phonorights “PNR” and MCT to manage the right to communicate to public. 

Yes, the collective management organizations, including Phonorights “PNR” is the representative, acting on behalf of the right holders. Consequently, the scope of Phonorights “PNR” authority is depended on the right holders. You can grant to Phonorights “PNR” only some rights, some customer categories and/or impose some conditions, but it must be for the sound recording solely.

Yes, the right holders are able to adjust their mandates anytime by prior notice. However, the change shall not affect the copyright licenses, which Phonorights “PNR” and/or MPC have already granted to the users before such change.

Yes, the right holders are able to do any remark including waiving some license by informing to Phonorights “PNR” in advance for the reference and infringement monitoring.

Phonorights “PNR” does not charge membership fee but we deduct operational cost from the revenue we collect for you. In case you want the legal support such as gathering evidence of infringements, sending notice,  

All record producer, either in individual or legal entity, can be a member of Phonorights “PNR.” 

Phonorights “PNR” is a national Group of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which has the Code of Conduct for music licensing company to adhere to. We have to operate with accuracy, transparency, and equality for all members, under the management of board of directors whose from members and IFPI.

The Copyright Law clearly states that only the copyright owner has the exclusive right to authorized or not authorize the use of their works. No one can collect the royalties without the full (100%) authorization from the copyright owners. Therefore, Phonorights “PNR” has never collected royalties from sound recordings of anyone who are not the member.

The customer, who plays music from legitimate CDs, he/she does not have to pay for the reproduction license, however they must not take or copy into any computer/system, mobile or any device.

The same distribution schedule applies to all members, which is quarterly according to the schedule set up advance at the beginning of each year.

The company can either use the ISRC obtained from other countries or register for another ISRC for the sound recording used under the operation in Thailand by submitting an application to TECA (Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association.)

This is a misunderstanding. An ISRC assigned to a sound recording can be used globally in every circumstance where that recording is used.