ISRC: International Standard Recording Code

Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association “TECA” is a national group of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry “IFPI”. TECA is the sole authorized agent in Thailand to issue the International Standard Recording Code “ISRC” to identifying the source of sound recording. ISRC is to facilitate the copyright owners in managing sound recording database, suitable for marketing in the territory and international, and online distribution globally.

ISRC: the International Standard Recording Code is the global standard international code of sound recording. The code will identify the source of sound recording such as country, producer, acting as the identification number of each sound recording for distributing CDs and music digital files on the internet platforms. For more information, ISRC Code Information

TH – AAA-YY-XXXXX” stand for:

TH Thailand country code. Country code is unchangeable and set by TECA.

AAA Company code of the copyright owner of sound recording who applies for ISRC which each company gets a unique code.

YY Year (B.C.) where the copyright owner produces the master. TECA will issue this code according to the year the where the sound recording (Mastering) is produced and will do the same for the next year.

XXXXX Number which the copyright owner of the sound recording can set and run under their discretion.

  1. ISRC Application Form

  2. Form of sound recording(s) details for ISRC

  3. The certificate of sound recording(s) acknowledgement

  4. Other required documents
    • Juristic Person: attaching a copy of company registration issued not more than 3 months, along with a copy of Thai national ID of the authorized director(s) with its company stamp (if any).
    • Natural Person: attaching a certified copy of Thai national ID

  5. The certification of sound recording copyright notification from the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP). More detail and apply at

  6. Fees
  7. The one-time fee is 1,605 Baht (including vat) by transferring to a bank account as details below:

        Legel Entity Natural Person
      Subcription fee for ISRC Code 1,500.00 1,500.00
    + VAT 7% 105.00 105.00
    - Withholding tax 3% (Service) (45.00) -
      Amount that the requester must pay for ISRC 1,560.00 1,605.00

    Send to : ISRC Department
                Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association
                Kasikorn Bank, New Phetchaburi Branch.
                Saving Account number 028-2-06044-4

    Withholding tax 3% deduction information:

    Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association
    Head office 17, Soi Luean Aranop, Khlong Tan Nuea Sub-district Vhadhana District, Bangkok.
    Tax identification number 0109545000081

    After making a payment, please send payment evidence Fax. 02-203-1010
    In case sending through Fax. Please call Mr. Wisut Boonyapongpun tel. 086-789-9406

  8. ISRC reporting
    The copyright owners of sound recordings has a duty to report ISRC they have issued back to TECA (Thai Entertainment Content Trade Association) to add in the central database for your international record and to prevent the same code from being used.
    • The copyright owner shall report the ISRC that have been issued every six (6) months to e-mail: or by Fax.: 02-203-1010
    • Please download the report form at Report ISRC TECA 2021

    No. ISRC Album name Song name Artist Name Product type

    For more information, please contact.
    Mr. Wisut Boonyapongpun
    Tel: 02-203-1002 ext. 406