Music for your business

Using or playing music in your business venues for commercial purposes needs permission from copyright owners in sound recording (music) or audio-visual (music video.) Before getting to the permission process (license), let’s get to know music copyright first.

About Music Copyright

Copyright” is an exclusive right that the law guarantee to the creators for their creation exploitations, namely the right to reproduce, adapt, or communicate to public by any other means or formats, including granting to other persons to exercise those rights.

Do you know a song consisting of 2 copyrights?
  • 1. Musical Work melody and lyrics or only melody, or a song which is composed for playing or signing, whether separately or collectively. The copyright owners are authors and/or composers.
  • 2. Sound Recording means a work consisting of a series of music, sound of a performance or any other sounds recorded on any kind of material and capable of being replayed. The copyright owners can be recording producers, record labels or recording companies.
  • 1. Reproduction Right means copying, imitation, duplication, from the original or copy, whether in whole or in part e.g. duplicating/copying a music file onto computer, mobile phone, or any devices to play music for business in venues.
  • 2. Communication to Public/Public Performance Right means making the music available to the public by any means such as radio, television, business venue (e.g., restaurant, store, shopping mall, airline, hotel, hospital, fitness, bowing, pub/bar, karaoke, salon, spa, theater etc.

In case of using music incorporated into other contents such as advertisement, television, radio, movie, series, the synchronization right shall be concerned. The synchronization right means rights for adapting a sound recording or audiovisual work, incorporated with content, program, movies or drama.

To avoid any copyright infringement, playing/using music needs permission for all involved copyrighted works and from the legitimate copyright owners.